Gu Hye Sun is always setting goals!

The Absolute Boyfriend actress recently posed for a summer photoshoot with Singles magazine. Yesterday, the trendy publication shared a preview photo from their shoot with the gorgeous 32 year-old star via their official Instagram account. In the fantasy inspired photo, Gu Hye Sun seems to be in a dreamlike state standing in the middle of her indoor desert oasis. Singles captioned the image with this message, 

"Shooting with Ms. Gu for April's issue. It's totally summer season here."

Gu's seems to have it all, including an incredible marriage with cutie, Ahn Jae Hyun. It's ironic that a married lady is featured in a magazine called Singles, but you have to admit she is a great role model for singles to look up to. She also returned to her first love of acting last weekend with the premiere of her MBC series You're Too Much. You can enjoy the iconic roles that made her famous here on DramaFever. Set aside some time this month for a Gu Hye Sun drama marathon with Boys Over FlowersThe Musical, Absolute Boyfriend, Angel Eyes and Blood

Which series will you be watching again while you wait for her Singles' photo spread release? 

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