Gu Hye Sun takes a creative path for her comeback!

The Blood actress was chosen to succeed Yoon Si Yoon as the host of the KBS TV documentary series Rookie. Photos of Gu working hard in the recording studio were recently released online. The production team was so impressed with her diligence and experience in commentary work that they had to hire her for their program. Today, the 31 year-old star kicks off the second season of the reality show about young adults overcoming challenges. 

Husband and wife are working hard this September! While Gu is finally making her comeback, her hubby Ahn Jae Hyun is killing it as the suave, pretty boy on Cinderella and Four Knights. I'll bet she is proud of his successful return to K-dramas, but I know viewers are anxious to see the newlyweds collaborate on another project very soon.

Would you like to see Gu Hye Sun guest star on Cinderella and Four Knights? Or, do you want the couple to star in their own reality show? 

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Source: Via / Image Credit: The Star


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