Gu Hye Sun's newlywed life with Ahn Jae Hyun is the real deal. The 32-year-old actress and her hubby are excited to be apart of tvN's upcoming variety show Honeymoon Diaries. In addition to their special appearance, Gu has the Dark YELLOW art exhibition opening in Seoul today that runs through January 29. During a recent interview, the Blood star discussed her art, the reality of married life, and their future on Honeymoon Diaries

"He doesn't know what I will be drawing. He doesn't invade my privacy and he lets me concentrate on my work. He's been very considerate," she said when asked how her husband responded to her latest works of art.

In regards to life changing after matrimony, Gu admitted how awkward it was to talk about her own love life. She expected to be put under a microscope, however, everything has changed for the better.  

"I feel I've become more social after getting married. I've become independent as an individual and we talk about growing old together. We don't think marriage is a fantasy," she revealed.

Their Honeymoon Diaries director Na Yeong Seok praised the pair for being such a "warm couple" in her presence. Gu Hye Sun explained that they bring out the best in each other. "I think getting married is like becoming a child; we are so immature with each other. I think Na Yeong Seok just has a good impression of us. When I'm with my husband I become a child and he has the innocence I am looking for. I don't know why we decided to do it, but we decided it would be a good thing to remember later in our lives. I didn't agree to it at first, but my husband convinced me."

The celebrity couple didn't want their charitable wedding donation to be brought to the spotlight. She even questioned if she had the right motive for doing it last spring. Nonetheless, her art comes from the heart. "This time, the exhibition is being done without hypocrisy," she added.

Will we be seeing Gu Hye Sun in a lengthy K-drama any time soon? Don't count on it! She is set on resting for the time being. "I want to take a break after this as I've been working too long."

I love this couple! I have been so inspired by Gu Hye Sun since her 2006 K-drama Pure in Heart. Her determination to return to college, release music, produce movies and so much more, gives her fans hope that we can all achieve our dreams if we work hard. Of course, her own version of a fairytale wedding to the 29-year-old actor took us all by surprise. Donating to charity on your special day is going above and beyond the call of duty! Honeymoon Diaries will probably be just another chapter in her life that will blow us away.

In what ways are you inspired by Gu Hye Sun's lifestyle? 


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