The Angel Eyes actress has fallen for a fellow star! During a recent filming of KBS's variety show Happy TogetherGu Hye Sun honestly admitted to dating a celebrity in the past.

"I have gone on a secret date with a male celebrity before, " she said on the episode that will air on February 12. "I'm the type to be fully committed to one guy, so it didn't matter to me whether it went public. However, I got the impression that he wanted to keep a low profile. So I wondered if he liked me as much as I thought he did. It made me realize that he thought his career was more important. I think people usually break up in cases like this."

I have so many guesses about who it could be. I loved the chemistry she had with Lee Sang Yoon in Angel Eyes, but who doesn't have a special place in their heart for a Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho union? She had several handsome leading men over the years.

Which hot celebrity do you think she dated in secret? 

Gu Hye Sun stars in the upcoming series Blood, which premieres next week on DramaFever. You can check out the trailer below and sign up for new episode alerts HERE.

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