Korean actress Gu Hye Sun stars in the new SBS weekend drama Angel Eyes as a female lead character. It has been a while since she starred in her last role in the SBS drama Take Care of Us, Captain which finished in March 2011. Now, Gu Hye Sun reunites with writer, Yoon Ji Ryun, who wrote KBS drama Boys Over Flowers that made a huge hit over the world.

Gu Hye Sun plays Yoon Soo Wan, an emergency medical technician at 119 rescue service who is famous for her passion for the fire station and neighboring hospitals. She used to be blind but after she received an eye transplant, she sets out to see the world and live a new life.

The melodrama revolves around the daughter of a director of a hospital, Yoon Soo Wan who has closed her mind since she lost her eyes by an accident, and Park Dong Joo, who was a boy that just wanted to protect the people he loved. Yoon Soo Wan becomes a woman who doesn't hesitate to be tough, in contrast to her image of a fine lady. The character has poignant memories of her first love, and the drama will detail their 12 year reunion.

News of dynamic duo director Park Shin Woo, who co-directed SBS drama Queen of Ambition and Ghost and Yoon Ji Ryun Who, wrote Boys Over Flowers, coming together for this drama is quickly drawing the interests of Korean viewers.

Gu Hye Sun said, “Starring in a drama makes my heat flutter. It’s been a long time. I will prepare the emergency worker character with real training. Shooting the scenes seem so real so I am nervous, but I will do my best. She added that she wanted to work with the writer, Yoon Ji Ryun again, "It was interesting and good to work with her on Boys Over Flowers. I have faith in her, so her so I am glad to work with writer Yoon Ji Ryun again. I will do my best to make an interesting drama."

Angel Eyes plans to air in April after The Woman Who Married Three Times. Gu Hye Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Gong Hyung Jin and Big Bang’s Seung Ri will star in the drama.