Gu Hye Sun

Did you know that Gu Hye Sun not only acts, but she's an artist, a singer, a songwriter, and is signed to YG Entertainment? If you didn't know then, SURPRISE! Well, you all know Seo In Guk as an actor, but his claim to fame is actually singing, and he's releasing a new album soon. Gu Hye Sun is not only appearing in the music video for his new single "I Smiled Then I Cried," but she wrote a song titled "Were We Happy" for him as well. That song will also be released as a single, and Seo In Guk will be the first artist to have a single written by her. Check out the teaser for Seo In Guk's new single "I Smiled Then I Cried"! What do you think of the many talents of both Gu Hye Sun and Seo In Guk? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE (Source: