38 Can you guess who this K-POP star is in her super cute chunky sandals! Her side profile should make it really obvious. Fans of her group will know right away who it is and maybe even some of you fans of her recent drama will know as well. If not don’t fret, I’ve left you some hints below to help you solve this K-POP mystery!
  1. She’s actually the leader of the K-POP group she’s in.
  2. One of her group members was actually in http://www.dramafever.com/drama/3937/City_Hunter/" target="_blank">City Hunter!
  3. She recently starred in a drama where she had the look of a puppet boy.
  4. I absolutely love nail art don’t you?
  5. Tell her your name so she can stop calling you “Mister.”
Figured it out? Scroll to the bottom to see if you were right!   ^_^   ^_^   ^_^ ^_^   ^_^   ^_^ ^_^

It's Gyuri from KARA!

39 KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE