5 Can you guess who this K-Pop Idol is just by looking at his backside in those skinny jeans?! Long legs, and luscious hair, hmm who could it be? If you’re still stumped, here are a couple of hints that will surely lead you to the identity of this Idol:
  1. For some reason I always think of little fish when I hear his name.
  2. He and the rest of his group think older girls are so pretty!
  3. Known for being one of the most athletic Idols in the industry, he was able to show off some of his skills in a K-Drama that he starred in!
  4. These days he questions why everyone is “so serious.”
  5. When watching him perform you can’t help but to think “wow what flaming charisma.”
You had to have figured this one out! Scroll to the bottom to see if you guessed right!   ^_^     ^_^     ^_^     ^_^     ^_^     ^_^     ^_^  

It’s Minho from SHINee!


KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE