Can you guess who this K-POP Idol is rocking out with headphones and a beanie?! Seriously all that’s showing is a jaw line so if you can guess this without the hints below then you are a super fan. Hints aside, do you see the bone thingy in the side of his neck?! Hot!
  1. Although he is a K-Pop Idol, he’s made a real name for himself as an actor.
  2. I’ve been to Disney World like three times because I just love that mouse.
  3. Hey. Sorry I can’t hang today, I’m looking for a rooftop apartment.
  4. His sibling starred in the K-Drama, “K-POP Extreme Survival.”
  5. Um yeah, Mirotic is a real word!
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It’s Yoochun!


KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE