The very private wedding between Rain and Kim Tae Hee was and still is the talk of the town, as members of the media and fans have been trying to find out as much as possible about the exclusive ceremony. And now, just a day after the special day, the world is getting a glimpse into who was on the guest list, and not surprisingly, there were a few very big names that were in attendance.

It was one of the biggest celebrity marriages in Korean history, and because it was so secretive and private, the media and fans have been dying to find out what it was like to be there. When Rain first announced his plans to marry his sweetheart, Kim Tae Hee, the couple's intent to have a ceremony amongst family and only the closest of friends was let known. So when the wedding actually took place at the Gahoe-dong Catholic Church in Seoul, the media and fans did everything they could to find out who exactly these invited guests were. Names and photos are now circulating, and we've got a few snapshots to show you who was there.

As a horde of photographers waited at the entrance, Park Joon Hyung and Park Jin Yung were spotted as they made their way into the church. PSY, who famously collaborated with Rain on his comeback single, "The Best Present," which was revealed to be a love song dedicated to his new bride, was not seen entering, but was reported to be already inside the church. Also at the ceremony was Noh Hee Young, CEO of YG Foods, and Jung Saem Mool, Korea's most famous makeup artist. 

For such a huge celebrity couple, the guest list and ceremony were, by comparison, very small. But when you're such a big public figure, and constantly expected to share every little detail about your life, sometimes you just want some privacy for those special moments in life that really matter. And seeing how much in love the newlyweds are with each other, the ceremony yesterday was indeed very special.

Gahoe-dong Catholic Church

Park Joon Hyung 

Park Jin Yung

Makeup artist Jung Saem Mool

Noh Hee Young, CEO of YG Foods

The happy couple with Park Joon Hyung


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