Taiwan's Hot Pets Magazine has published the most popular pet names of 2013, and you might just recognize one of them from your favorite drama!

There is both a Chinese name list and an English name list for the most popular pet names in Taiwan. They are typically cute names that are easy to pronounce and also easy to remember.

The top Chinese name is Mi Mi, followed by Niu Niu, Dou Dou, Duo Duo, Qiu Qiu, Mei Mei, Miao Miao, Ni Ni, Du Du, and Pi Pi.

Momo tops the English name list, followed by Money, Lucky, Cookie, Kiki, Bobo, Mini, Lulu, Coco, and Didi.

And guess who else is named Momo!

That's right! Momo is Liu Chuan's dog in the popular Taiwanese romance drama In A Good Way. No wonder In A Good Way has surpassed other shows to reach the #1 rating in its weekly drama time slot.