President Trump and Melania Trump arrived in South Korea on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Their schedule started with lunch at Camp Humphreys, a U.S. Army garrison. After several meetings and a press conference later, it ended with a state dinner at the Blue House. At the state dinner, K-pop singer Park Hyo Shin and Korean folk musician Yoo Tae Pyung Yang performed. Park’s performance was accompanied by Jung Jae Il on piano and the KBS symphony orchestra.

The Blue House had invited Park Hyo Shin to sing "Wildflower" at last night’s performance, because wildflowers “bloom regardless of the number of setbacks or difficulties they experience, just like the relationship between Korea and the United States,” the Blue House shared according to HuffPost Korea. The Blue House posted on Instagram photos of the artists, saying Facebook live was unavailable because the state dinner was an unofficial event.

Pictured at the piano is musician Jung Jae Il, who co-composed and co-produced with Park Hyo Shin his seventh album I Am A Dreamer, which includes "Wildflower."

After the performance, Park Hyo Shin thanked the Blue House for the invite. “It was an honor to perform at such a meaningful event,” Park shared through his agency Glove Entertainment, HuffPost Korea said.

In addition to the musicians, model Han Hye Jin and filmmaker Lee Chang Dong attended the state dinner. Lee is best known for directing Secret Sunshine (Milyang), which brought Jeon Do Yeon the Best Leading Actress award in the 2007 Cannes Festival.

On a side note, prior to the state dinner, SHINee member Choi Min Ho’s presence at an afternoon event made middle school girls scream, and Melania Trump couldn’t stop smiling.

In the video, a girl, while talking with the first lady, looks back, sees Minho, and goes weak at the knees out of excitement! Minho bursts out laughing and Melania Trump beams at the girls all through.

At the Girls Play 2! initiative, the first lady talked about giving girls equal access to sports, Billboard said. According to the report, Girls Play 2! is part of an Olympic public diplomacy outreach program. This event was held at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Seoul.

On a last note, here’s Park Hyo Shin’s Wildflower:


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Photos: The Blue House (@thebluehouse_kr)