Taiwanese actress Ady An (Autumn's Concerto) just held a fabulous wedding in sunny Hawaii. These photos will make you wish you were there. Guess who caught the bridal bouquet?

Previously, Ady An announced on March 15 that she and her beau, Chen Ronglian, 40-year-old Chinese tycoon based in Macau, registered their marriage in Taipei. Now, they flew over 200 family and friends to an opulent wedding in Hawaii for a 4-day festive celebration, with the wedding ceremony held on June 5.

Many Asian stars and celebrities seem to be following a new routine these days: They'll get their marriage certificate first, making them officially married, before holding a grand wedding at a later date. Very often their desired wedding destination is Bali. In this case, it's really exciting that the couple selected beautiful Hawaii.

Check out these photos from the Greek-themed wedding, and don't miss Ady's 10.57-carat diamond ring designed by Cindy Chao.

The guests each received a wedding favor with many goodies, including a custom-made smartphone that is specifically valued at 9,999 RMB (or US$1,470), for the lucky Chinese number 9 that symbolizes forever. Ady explained that the phone is meant to be used to capture the beautiful and happy moments.

Among the celebrity guests were Hong Kong actors Jordan Chan, Danny Chan, and Roy Cheung, as well as Taiwanese singer Ester Liu, actresses Kimi Hsia, Biance Bai, Linda Liao, and Joe Chen.

It turned out the the bride's best friend, Joe Chen (Chen Qiao-En), caught the bridal bouquet. The significance here is that she has been rumored to be linked to Wang Kai, the hot Chinese actor from When a Snail Falls in Love, Ode to Joy 1& 2, and Nirvana in Fire. The two also co-starred in romance comedy drama Stay With Me. However, Joe Chen laughingly said she'd have to find a boyfriend first. 

As they pledged their love to each other at the wedding, the groom said to his beloved bride, "I won't speak loud to you, because I treasure you and love you. I will stay with you forever." Ady replied to him, "Thank you for your tolerance. Everyone has said that you've tamed a tigress into a cat." It was a very touching moment.

Congratulations to Ady An and Chen Ronglian as they embark on a new life together!

And, we look forward to good news from Joe Chen.

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