Korean actors Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ah In have both become known and loved for their bad boy personas, but did you know that in their youths one of them was a rebel while the other was the perfect boy next door? Guess who was who! 

If you guessed that Kim Woo Bin had a rough background, you are wrong! It was recently revealed that Kim Woo Bin was a model student who got good grades while simultaneously holding several part-time jobs. He had a dream to become a model, and he worked hard to achieve it, but looks were not his only strength. Kim Woo Bin is also known to have an IQ of 147. 

Yoo Ah In, on the other hand, was the real rebel without a cause type. He disliked school and decided to drop out completely. He went back to receive his GED later and worked very hard to achieve his goal of becoming a talented actor.

Both actors are handsome, smart, and talented, but they have real-life stories that are very different, so if you are truly the type who loves a bad boy, then Kim Woo Bin may not actually be for you. What you may need is a little Yoo Ah In in your life!

See him now in Six Flying Dragons: