With Secretly, Greatly recently topping the box office, one can confirm that out of the many factors, a star actor appearing in a film can help draw more people to theaters to check the film out. One has to wonder, then, which actress has the most box office draw, out of all the movies released in the second half of 2013? Considering this question, we've rounded up the top 10 actresses who (according to a viewer poll via Nate News) have the best box office draw of the year below: Ha Ji Won 1. Ha Ji Won The support shown by moviegoers for Ha Ji Won hasn't swayed. In an online survey presented by Max Movie and Daily Focus Newspaper, about 21,456 people responded that actress Ha Ji Won was this year’s "box office power winner." This is the second year in a row for Ha Ji Won. Later this year, the actress will return to the big screen with movie The Huntresses, which will be sure to keep her in the top rank. Kim Hye Soo 2. Kim Hye Soo Though the actress only made the top ten in last year's survey, "ten million movie" The Thieves (2012) gained a lot of popularity recently, and she also starred in the drama The Queen of Office (KBS2). For the second half of the year, the actress will return to the big screen as a Korean geisha controlling the political arena in The Face Reader directed by Han Jae Rim, with actors Song Kang Ho and Lee Jung Jae. Standing out alongside these two powerful actors, Kim Hye Soo will surely get another boost. It seems her box office power will exert force for quite a while. Son Yeh Jin 3. Son Yeh Jin Apart from last year’s results of 13.2%, giving her second place, it appears Son Yeh Jin took a hit this year. However, #3 isn't a small feat, and with a role in the new drama Shark (KBS2), as well as the release of her new movie The Accomplice, there are enough chances for a comeback. Gong Hyo Jin, Jeon Do Yeon 4. Gong Hyo Jin AND 5. Jeon Do Yeon (A tie) Actress box office power #4 goes to "Gongvely" (Gong Hyo Jin + Lovely) and #5 is "Queen Actress" Jeon Do Yeon. Following this year’s film, Gong Hyo Jin is planning to star in a new drama in August, The Master’s Sun (SBS). The Master’s Sun will be sister writers, Hong Jeong Eun and Hong Mi Ran’s new work. The Master’s Sun is a unique romantic comedy where a woman experiences all of the things mischievous and arrogant men cannot even see or hear. In this drama, Gong Hyo Jin plays the role of Tae Gong Shil who sees a ghost after an accident. Without making any appearances since Countdown (2011), Jeon Do Yeon took charge with box office power #5, and is getting ready to reappear in The Way Home. In it, Jeon Do Yeon plays the role of Song Jung Yeon, who is a wife framed for delivering drugs, who is trapped in a prison in France. Actor Go Soo plays the role of a struggling husband Lim Jong Bae who tries to prove his wife’s innocence. Jeon Ji Hyun, Han Hyo Joo 6. Jeon Ji Hyun AND 7. Han Hyo Joo (A tie) After appearing in "ten million movie" The Thieves, Jeon Ji Hyun took the sixth place in this year’s box office power. Trailing behind at #7 is actress Han Hyo Joo, who starred in Gwanghae, the Man Who Became King (2012) and Love 911 (2012). The two actresses were included in the top ten last year and came in 6th and 7th place this year. Various Actresses 8. Kim Ha Neul, 9. Suzy, AND 10. Lim Soo Jung (3-way tie!) Viewers chose actress Kim Ha Neul for #8 in box office power, Suzy for #9 and Lim Soo Jung for #10. Kim Ha Neul appears for A Gentleman’s Dignity (SBS), Suzy for Architecture 101 (2012), and Lim Soo Jung for All About My Wife. Through these films, the actresses proved that their names scream: "If this actress stars in this movie, then the movie ticket is worth it." Furthermore, Suzy is entering the "Box Office Power Top 10" for the first time, which is a huge accomplishment. Suzy is currently starring in Gu Family Book (MBC). It seems Suzy may only climb further up the ranks in coming years. Ticket Power Top Ten List (source: nate news, max news, daily focus newspaper)