With a winning combination of two endearing actors and the beloved writing duo of the Hong sisters, My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox is a snappy, quirky, romantic drama about a star-crossed couple. Actor/singer Lee Seung Gi, coming off the hugely popular Brilliant Legacy, is a man who falls in love with a gumiho, a magical fox in the form of a beautiful woman. Shin Min Ah, another sweetheart of popular opinion for her films and dramas (including A Bittersweet Life and A Love to Kill) is the dangerous but appealing gumiho he falls for. Chae Dae Woong (played by Lee Seung Gi) is a spoiled man-child who plans to be a successful action star. Living off his grandfather, he's constantly ditching his college classes and taking his grandfather's money. One day, on the run from his grandfather's latest fit of rage, he accidentally frees a nine-tailed fox who has been imprisoned in a painting for 500 years. Frightened by her appearance, he runs away and falls down a hillside, injuring himself. In order to save him, the gumiho, Mi-ho, gives him her energy in a form of a magical "fox bead". When he wakes up, the two form an awkward partnership, as Dae Woong begins to rely on the power of the fox bead to shoot his action sequences, while also giving in to Mi-ho's request to teach her how to act like and become a human. Initially doing what Mi-ho wants because he's afraid of her, Dae Woong gradually begins to fall for her. Min Ah will be faced with a terrible choice as her time in human form runs out, however.. Click here to watch MY GIRLFRIEND IS A NINE-TAILED FOX on DramaFever.