[caption id="attachment_14621" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="So Ji Sub"][/caption] The cast of Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child held a press conference to introduce the new series, and the spotlight was on child stars Kim Yoo Jung and Seo Shin Ae. Kim plays the title monster's daughter and you may remember her from Iljimae and Dong Yi, and Seo stars as a prickly noblewoman's daughter. She's been in Thank You and High Kick Through the Roof. Han Eun Jung plays the Gumiho, a role she describes as "every actress's fantasy." Tale of the Fox Child premiers on Monday. Although local police have declared Park Yong Ha's tragic suicide Wednesday an impulsive act unrelated to financial or emotional problems, Ryoo Si Won has come out publicly with another story: he claims that Park was plagued by the "betrayal" of his friend and long-time manager. So Ji Sub says that he doesn't think he'll ever be able to work on another drama quite like Road No. 1, or play a character with as much substance. He even says that he doesn't mind the drama's unimpressive ratings in the first two episodes (the World Cup has been poaching viewers from everything else, except perhaps for the counter-programmed Baker King Kim Tak Gu) because there is much more--and better--to come. The World Cup is also wreaking havoc on ratings of the much-rescheduled Bad Guy and Coffee House. Han Hyo Joo appreciates her fans! The actress snapped pics of all the unguents and ointments fans have been sending her, worried about her health. See the cute photo collection here. Lee Min Ho, who had an impostor tweeting in his name last year, now has his own official twitter account: subscribe to actorleeminho to get up-to-the-minute updates of Lee's thoughts, such as his very first tweet: "I want to ride a bike." Bagmaker Manhattan Portage has its first Chinese, Mandarin-speaking spokesperson, and it's... Show Luo! Check out his new spots sporting the famous messenger bags right here. And finally, an unusual bit of eye candy for you: a collection of amazingly complex and beautiful hairdos from recent historical Kdramas and films.