[caption id="attachment_20368" align="alignleft" width="342" caption="Lee Young Ah"][/caption] Unlike many romances that draw out the tension between lovers until they FINALLY lock lips somewhere late in the run, the quirky, charming new Hong Sisters creation My Girlfriend is a Gumiho let viewers see stars Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah smooch in the very first episode. Early word is that the new fantasy-romance hits it out of the park, at least in its first two episodes which aired this week. Good news for Lee Byung Hyun: not only did he pick up a best actor prize at the Asian Pacific Producers Network (Son Ye Jin won best actress), but he announced that his postponed G.I. Joe sequel will begin shooting early next year. Perhaps best of all from his perspective, the 8-month long trial brought by ex-girlfriend Kwon Mi Yeon has finally ended with a fizzle when no one from Kwon's side of the battle showed up to extend the case past the deadline of August 12th. The rock drama I Am Legend is picking up steam in the ratings. Legend's first two episodes attracted about 12% of viewers, with the second week gathering about 15%. However, the final scene of the fourth episode had over 20% of viewers putting down their remote controls with their eyes glued to the screen. Iconic fashion designer Andre Kim passed away on Thursday at the age of 74. The designer, whose celebrity client list included Kim Joon, Sulli from f(x) and many more, was known for his elaborate and futuristic gowns. At his wake, Kim Hee Sun wore a scarf dotted with Day of the Dead-style skulls, which was criticized by armchair fashion critics as a little too "on the nose." So Ji Sub and his mini-me Yoo Seung Ho got together for a new ad campaign for a kimchee refrigerator. See the two back to back dreaming of delicious kimchee right here. Finally, Baker King Kim Tak Gu stars Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Young Ah look great when they're creating pastry masterpieces on camera, but what happens when they get their hands in the dough without a food stylist? Uh, this. I guess it's a turtle?