A South Korean-based group Nimyunshi created a Facebook event for a giant blind date gathering on Christmas Eve. Apparently there are three thousand people attending, and the rules of the event are that the ladies and men are to gather on opposite sides of the park with a 100m distance between them. Once the gunfire goes off, you're supposed to run and grab whoever you think is cute and go on a date with them. Here's a translation of the 4 rules: 1. Everyone gathers at the assigned place by 3pm. 2. When Nimyunshi says, "Ready, go!" you run and grab the person you are interested in.
3. Then go to cafe or restaurant together and take a picture to prove it!
4. Upload it on the Nimyunshi website.
Would you spend your Christmas Eve on a massive blind date? We think it could be kind of fun... Source: www.edaily.co.kr