Aaron Yan and Guo Xue Fu spent the Moon Festival together this year shooting Just You, and they finally kissed! Although it is not the first kiss on screen for both of them, Guo Xue Fu still feels very shy because she is so close to Aaron. She made too many "NG" (blooper) cuts, which forced Aaron to kiss her a couple more times.

This kissing scene takes place on the street with a lot of pedestrians passing by. At first, Guo Xue Fu had the cold feet. “The passers-by started to gather around, and I couldn’t really get into my role,” she says. Aaron Yan then tried to comfort her. “I think Aaron is quite used to it,” Guo Xue Fu follows.

Guo Xue Fu must be the most talkative actress for the kissing scene. She keeps questioning Aaron Yan closely about how to kiss. Aaron Yan replies, “Why keep asking me?” “Because you are experienced, I think it’d better to ask you,” Guo Xue Fu answers. However, Aaron thinks Guo Xue Fu wants to alleviate her nervousness by talking nonstop.

Aaron Yan shares his experience about kissing. He always has different feelings from kissing different people. He usually just goes with the flow. But Guo Xue Fu even asks why there is no foreplay before kissing, which makes the whole crew burst out laughter. The funny thing is, she even asks to try how to kiss before shooting the kissing scene.

During shooting, Aaron Yang kisses Guo Xue Fu. However, Guo Xue Fu keeps her eyes wide open when being kissed. Aaron can’t help but ask her, “have you seen anyone keep her eyes wide open when being kissed? You look like you are scared.” At last, Aaron grabs Guo Xue Fu’s head and kisses on her lips which makes her burst out laughter. This makes Aaron kiss her couple more times later.

After kissing, Aaron Yan asks, “why are your lips so greasy?” Guo Xue Fu tells the reason why she couldn’t be focused with mirth. She says, “There is dog poo around where we just kissed, and the smell kept attacking me. What I was thinking is just to finish the cut as soon as possible!”