There's never a bad time for some CNBLUE in our lives. I mean, you have to admit that every member of this group is hot and yes, they make good music together too! But what's better than photos of all the CNBLUE members? Photos of all the CNBLUE members on stage dripping of sweat from rocking out all night, that's what!

Now, before leader Yong Hwa goes solo, I thought it would be beneficial to burn the images of the group members into your mind by way of sexy, sweaty on-stage photos! Rock on and enjoy the scroll!

10. Yong Hwa giving a little tongue with the whole sexy messy hair in the eyes situation going on.

(Photo credit: ceffany.wordpress)

9. I really am just looking at Yong Hwa's should you.

(Photo credit: mykpophuntress)

8. If you didn't know, Minhyuk is the hot drummer. Those arms and that cute chipmunk angel face!!!

(Photo credit:

7. Minhyuk's neck is just...


(Photo credit:

6. Speaking of necks, Jung Shin just took this whole topic of conversation to another level. 


(Photo credit: Yongseo International)

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5. Jung Shin is so sweaty he looks like he took a shower on stage. 

(Photo credit: ceffany.wordpress)

4. I really appreciate all the attention to your mouth with that guitar pick Jong Hyun

3. How dare he be this hot on stage! 

(Photo credit: ceffany.wordpress)

2. Have you given your heart to them yet?!

1. Getting a chance to see CNBLUE live in concert = PRICELESS!

Minhyuk will forever and always be my CNBLUE bias. Who's yours?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE