Is this really the Jang Geun Suk we know? Jang Geun Suk, the flower boy who makes us stop and stare, is back! Women's magazine covers are usually filled with women’s photos, but this time, Jang Geun Suk’s beautiful face takes center. Being a Pretty Man certainly isn't for everyone, but it is for this Prince of Asia.

Despite his busy schedule, Starcast visited Jang Geun Suk at his photo shoot for Marie Claire.

“Please look closely”

He checks every detail carefully, from his hair style to his clothes.

“He watches the mirror closely too.”

“Let’s see- my face”

Here we go! The photo shoot begins in earnest.

He manifests a pleasing personality off camera, but when he stands in front of the camera, he freely changes his poses and facial expressions to the sound of the shutter. A photographer lifts up their thumb and shouts ‘Ok!’

“Do you wonder about my collarbone?” He assumes a sexy pose stealthily.

“The clothes may stretch if you keep doing that.”

“We want to call him Senior Geun Suk.”

Do the stripes not perfectly fit actor Jang? This is the figure that is a female college student's ideal type.

“Shining skin like honey.”

The female staff wonders, "How does he care for his skin so that he is shining like that? We want to know the secret of actor Jang’s skin care." ^^;;

“Tada! Monitoring is essential.”

Inspecting the pictures that he has taken so far.

Can you resist his professional charms as a price of Asia who is a versatile actor and good at everything from acting to singing to dancing? He has been busy because of all his domestic and overseas activities, so we hope he takes his time to get some rest. We have great expectations about his outstanding future performances.

Lastly, here is a special bonus for Starcast’s viewers. Let’s see a video of today’s photo shoot: