Korean actor Choi Jin Hyuk, who has succeeded in changing his image through the new K-drama Emergency Couple, proves just how adorable he can be in this new photo shoot for InStyle. In the photos, he poses warmly in winter fashion items, like cozy turtlenecks and coats. Choi Jin Hyuk’s warm smile is sure to attract people. After shooting, he disclosed his ideal type, talked about his new drama Emergency Couple, and his experience with love during an interview with the magazine.

He is currently experiencing his first comedic acting role in tvN Fri/Sat drama Emergency Couple by playing Oh Chang Min, who is timid, sloppy and sometimes pretentious.

Choi Jin Hyuk says, "Actually, I have a bright personality and laugh a lot. When I am excited, I often burst out laughing." He also says about his new character Oh Chang Min, "People can see the real Choi Jin Hyuk more through this character than Gu Wol Ryung of Gu Family Book or Kim Won of Heirs who were heavy and serious."

When he was asked about his ideal type, Choi Jin Hyuk answered, "I like a woman who has a lot of Ae-gyo and a pleasant manner. My ideal type is chic and high-brown in front of other people, but when she is in front of me, she becomes cute and lovely."

When asked, "Have you ever met your ex-girlfriend again like Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) meet again" He answered "I have in real life. I am a simple-minded person so I forgot her as time went by. The problem is that I also forget I shouldn’t make the same mistake again, and did it again."

He said the biggest trouble he will likely have with his future girlfriend is shopping, which is the problem most widely chosen by couples. Choi Jin Hyuk said, "It seems that this will be the trouble between me and my partner after I get married. Going around department stores bothers me. And I usually only buy things I really need."

He is absolutely falling into his character, even though he says that he does not care if viewer ratings are lower than he expected, because he really enjoys acting now.

Are you guys watching Choi Jin Hyuk's new drama Emergency Couple? It's so funny, and I love to watch him play a new character. His character is funny, not heavy or serious. I think it was a good choice that he selected a romantic comedy drama as his follow-up to Heirs. If you haven't stared this drama yet, don't hesitate! Watch the first two episode of Emergency Couple exclusively on Dramafever!