As if CNBlue's Kang Min Hyuk (Heirs) wasn't already one of the most adorable guys on the planet, he decided to melt a million fangirl hearts by posing with his cute cats in a recent photo shoot for SURE magazine. In the accompanying interview, Min Hyuk talks about why he is a cat lover and shares more about his unique personality. 

Min Hyuk shared that he named his cats Koong and DdaDda because those are the sounds drums make. That makes perfect sense since he is the amazingly talented drummer for CNBlue! He explained that he is a cat lover “because they are haughty and lovable.” Isn't that true? 

Min Hyuk also explained his own hard-working personality, saying, “I think very deeply so I can’t put in only a little effort. If I think comfortably about my profession then I could become too comfortable. My job can become dangerous if there are no boundaries. My friends call me a perfectionist, but that means I am consistent. I hear that I am a trustworthy friend.”

All his hard work and dedication has certainly paid off as demonstrated by his incredible drumming and acting skills! You can see more of Kang Min Hyuk in Heartstrings: