Coming on the heels of skincare, massage chairs, smartphones and more, how is the 6-ft. 2-in. tall Lee Min Ho going to sell us ladies high heels? No problem. Just look at these cute photos of the perfect man with the very chic high heels, and watch the behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot. Suphier high heels is even holding a fan-meet with Lee Min Ho on October 25.

According to Suphier, it is a hundred-year-old shoe fashion brand from Italy, and it wants to expand in China by establishing its brand as representing "the art of high heels." How perfect it is then to find the Asian man-god to persuade the ladies.

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The video begins with the tagline "Suphier high heels let you get closer to Lee Min Ho."

You'll see Lee Min Ho say in Chinese, "Greetings, I am Lee Min Ho."

Lee continues: "Suphier high heels let you get closer to me."

Promise? If I put on these high heels, I can walk closer to the perfect man?

If you still have doubts about Lee Min Ho's charm to make you wear high heels, there is a fan-meet coming up on October 25 in the city of Xiamen in China.

I wonder if fans will be wearing their very chic high heels to the fan-meet.

I would, if I could get within "zero-distance" of him.