Life is going pretty great for Kang Ha Neul, so why not get wet? The stud Heirs actor who has a prominent role in the blockbuster hit show went for a splash in 112th Volume of High Cut. We're talking about a guy who can make just holding the Heirs script look good. The 23-year-old, crazy-talented, actor posed in the magazine in several shots and even managed to make wearing a beret look cool. That's very impressive. Whether it's theatre, hit TV shows or film, there's nothing Kang Ha Neul isn't good at!

Chilling out in a citrus turtleneck and blue Homme pants.

Looking like the coolest poet.

This should be a birthday card. Kang Ha Neul in Groundwave pants and sweater.

Thinking away in an orange knit top and hat.

Showing us some skin in a Paul Smith top and Groundwave pants.