Just when you thought Healer's Ji Chang Wook couldn't possibly get any more charming, he went ahead and did this photo shoot with Studio NewBIN for InStyle's March 2015 issue. 

The pictorial's theme is both rugged and relaxed, with Ji Chang Wook staring directly into your soul. Are you ready? Brace yourselves...

Okay, I've already fainted. But we have to press onward!

Those eyes...

In case those photos weren't enough, Studio NewBIN also released a behind-the-scenes video to go along with the shoot. Sadly, the English subtitles aren't available yet, but that won't stop you from hearing his melodious voice! The general idea behind he video is that the actor is similar to a bowl in the way he can be emptied and then filled with various emotions.

That smile at the end kills me! Seriously, he just needs to stop. But not really.

As his next project after Healer, Ji Chang Wook will be heading to China for a web drama called Goodnight Teacher. We can't wait to see what he chooses for his return to K-dramas! In the meantime, you can enjoy him once again on Healer:

Photo credit: Studio NewBIN and InStyle Korea