I know who I want to chop my Christmas tree this year! Jung Il Woo, who recently completed the K-drama The Night Watchman's Journal and revealed he and Lee Min Ho are beautiful corpses, stunned in plaid for The Star magazine!

Jung Il Woo's perfect head shot in plaid. Look at the puppy eyes he's giving...O.M.G

A lot of Jung Il Woo fans say he looks like a cute frog; what do you think?

The need to touch just one of his legs.

Watch Jung Il Woo's latest series, The Night Watchman's Journal:

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You obviously did something to upset him.

I'm still on the fence with his hair. I personally like the reddish brown color he had as Cha Chi Soo in Flower Boy Ramen Shop.

Jung Il Woo is currently deciding on a new project, but until then he might as well chop a few Christmas trees if he's going to hang around in all that plaid. Could you see Jung Il Woo chopping down your tree? #DontEvenGoThere

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE