Korean actor and model Kim Woo Bin recently had a photo shoot as a cover model for the 10th anniversary special edition of Men’s Uno, a popular Chinese men’s magazine. On the cover page, Kim Woo Bin showed his charm in red just like other Chinese stars this month. See how sexy he is in a red suit!

Men’s Uno attracted people’s attention by revealing 10 special covers in May that featured 10 male stars to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The special edition models are 10 men who have the greatest popularity in Chinese-speaking countries.

Two Korean actors, Kim Woo Bin and Park Hae Jin, landed being one of the 10 models along with top Chinese stars like action star Yue Man Lok, top singer Fang Datong, and idol-turned-actor Han Geng. It shows that these two actors are not only two of the top Korean stars, but are also hot celebrities in Chinese-speaking countries.

Gif credit : qwer8978.blog.me