Kim Woo Bin's latest photo shoot for outdoor brand Merrell might actually tempt you to go camping. For their 2014 Fall and Winter collection, actor and model Kim Woo Bin shows off mustard and green jackets along with long legs and a new hair color. Best of all, to promote the new campaign, there was a fan signing where he showed off his beautiful new hairstyle and held a baby!

I know he's wearing a bright yellow jacket, but all I see are legs…long, fabulous legs.

Imagine if your trail guide was Woo Bin.

He looks absolutely stunning with this hair cut and the lighter color seems to soften his look right?!

O.M.G skinship with a fan who's not you! Also notice he entwined his fingers with hers. You must be dying inside right about now.

Notice he looks even better standing in front of his airbrushed photo self. This just means he's more beautiful in person.

Look how shiny that hair is. I wonder what products were used.

He looks utterly amazed meeting that baby. What a great side profile though!

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Gawwd, Woo Bin looks so great here I can't even deal! Meanwhile that baby is giving the "He's my Woo Bin keep it moving" death gaze.

Outdoor wear aside, what do you all think of Woo Bin's new hairstyle?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE