Actor Lee Min Ho is filming a new commercial for the Chinese motorbike brand Yadea Electric Bike, and these are a collection of photos from the set! He looks like a delicious caramel sundae in that leather jacket, so enjoy all the yumminess!

Facial Expression Interpretation: " What the..."


" I have no thoughts; I'm just practicing my sexy gaze."

Honestly, I can go in so many directions with this photo but I'll just laugh to myself instead.

Look, he's touching his bottom lip with his finger, and your feels are now out of control.

Minoz, he heard you screaming his name.

He looks pretty in this photo, and extra points for using a pink mirror.

Serious skinship with a motorcycle. Sad, that you're jealous of an object.

LMH looks as if it just dawned on him that he's an attractive person.

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Forever Alone.

Hmm, there must have been a bull on set.

Besides looking hot on commercial sets, Lee Min Ho is currently busy filming his upcoming movie Gangnam Blues, due out later this year.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE