Lee Jong Suk is giving fans some serious vacation envy in new summery photos set against a beautiful Hawaiian backdrop. The Pinocchio hottie rolls in the sand, goes for an ice cream stroll, and surfs in the island paradise. In the accompanying interview, he also gives us insight into what makes him tick as an actor.

Believe it or not, Lee Jong Sook says his real life is actually not as exciting as the dramas he's in. He says, “When I’m filming, it’s very hard, but when I watch the broadcast I feel strangely cathartic. Lee Jong Suk has kind of a boring life, but in dramas, I become someone else and I can spend a meaningful day. I think I get second-hand satisfaction from that.”

Lee Jong Suk also explained why he hasn't jumped right into another drama, saying, “I think the reason why actors have long hiatuses is because they’re afraid of what they have currently. If you just size up this and that, then the time that you spent doing that just disappears. I think rather than doing that, I’d rather show my present self through projects.”

His ultimate goal is to become someone his fans can consistently count on. He explained, “I would like it if when someone hears my name, they’d say, ‘That person, he’s an actor.’ You know there are those actors, where you want to watch a movie no matter what if they’re in it. I’d like to be that type of actor. And I also tell my fans, ‘I’ll stay out of trouble.’”

Lee Jung Sook hasn't disappointed fans yet, and I'm sure we'll love whatever project he chooses next! While we wait for his next project, you can watch his last hit, Pinocchio: