What's better than Lee Jong Suk acting? Lee Jong Suk modeling! Lucky for us Lee Jong Suk graces the cover and pages of In Style Korea's September issue wearing Fall fashion on the streets of NYC!

It seriously hurts my soul knowing LJS was in my city showing off his long legs and awesome body line. He's even back to a flattering hair color, and his eyebrow arch is divine. Notice how lovely his hair and brows look with that berry-ish colored backpack.

He's officially the best looking guy in a turtle neck! So many try, yet so few succeed in pulling off the look. #HeIsKing

Look at that smoldering eye gaze, and might I add, that jacket is the whole world.

If only he worked in your office. #ZeroProductivity

Can he stop?! First of all that coat and sweater combination makes me want to cat claw the screen, but his gaze makes me want to slide down the wall of that building and cry because of the perfection.

No...let's not do this. LJS is perfection; this outfit is not. That top is pretty much a sweater "bubble coat," right? No, we can't wear that and we can't wear those ankle pants either.

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If you happen to have an intense "like" (obsession) for LJS, then you have to notice how photographers love to have him pose bare foot in suits and...

...love to have him pose in bed. It's, like, not a complete photo shoot without him doing one of these poses.

For those who don't know, Lee Jong Suk began his career as a runway model so that's why his photos are pure perfection if you were wondering. Which photo of his makes you want to cat claw the screen?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE