Lee Min Ho is featured in the recent L'Officiel Hommes Korea May 2014 issue, and he is called the 'Standard Man' on the cover. Considering the trajectory of his life, from the lows after his auto accident to his stratospheric rise to Hallyu stardom, with his integrity and dedication to achieve his ideals, he has truly brought a new standard for the young Asian male who is not only handsome on the outside but also beautiful on the inside.

He did this photo-shoot around the time he was starting on the new film Gangnam Blues, and he conveys a cool, almost aloof but pensive look, every bit a man on the rise who men in the business world may aspire to.

Eleven stars. One House. Endless possibilities. Watch the new reality TV show Roommate.

All I can say is that looking at Lee Min Ho seems to always make me speechless. I recall people saying that when you look at the world famous Mona Lisa painting, no matter where you stand, you feel that she is looking at you. Well, that's how I feel when I look at these photos.

He's looking at you!