Actor Lee Min Ho is the new face of the famous fashion brand GUESS, and he took the most gorgeous photos in denim to prove it!

Lee Min Ho absolutely stuns in head to toe denim for his first GUESS campaign. Everything about it is totally perfect: the color of the denim, the lighting...his mouth. His whole body line just looks so proportionate and pretty. I absolutely love the way his belt fits snug around his waist and the way those jeans show off his long legs. Also that denim shirt is a must have! It's one of those unisex pieces that we should all own, and most importantly, it's a dark denim wash, which will automatically make us all look slimmer.

There's something very flattering about this hairstyle of his. I think it's the sideburns. It's all about the sideburns.

What piece of denim clothing is he holding? EXACTLY...It doesn't even matter! #LeeMinHoSmile

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Don't you just feel the need to purchase some GUESS jeans now?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE