Our favorite Korean actor, Lee Min Ho, is on the cover of the Chinese magazine Cosmopolitan's March 2014 issue. Here is part 1 of the in-depth coverage, including lots of photos!

Just mentioning Lee Min Ho's 187-cm height and 112-cm long legs is enough to make millions of his fans scream "Oppa!" His humble attitude and polite manner is exemplary, and he always bows at 90 degrees at public appearances to express his gratitude. He does not overproduce, and every show he has been in has established a forceful impression.

Perhaps people think he is a "Lucky Boy" who became an overnight success, but to him, everything he has now is the result of his hard work because he has never lowered the standard of expectation for himself.

He says, "Simply because I'm handsome, I will never be overly self-confident and think I'm better than other people. I am also not narcissistic. I always prepare for what the character requires. If the character needs to have a stronger physique or look more handsome, I will make extra preparations."

His diligence and hard work has been praised as the main reason for his transformation from a flower boy to a handsome icon all over Asia.

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