Lee Min Ho just held a fan meeting on September 28th in Malaysia through the sofa brand Osim uDiva, for which he's a spokesmodel. What's so great about the event is that amazing candid photos of him were captured! They're so good that I'm starting to think they're way better than his professional photos. 

Check them out and judge for yourself! Enjoy!

Seriously you guys, his face looks soooo good here! 


I'm happy with this neck shot, but I don't understand this shirt of his. Is this the shape of the shirt, or is it just wrinkled to the max?

LOL Shoes with no socks and this chair. It's just so tacky in a "cute" way.

Who needs a drama when we can stare at this photo 24/7? #PRINT

Watch Lee Dong Wook as a coldhearted man with a supernatural secret in Blade Man

Pinch his cheeks like RAWR!

Even his hands are attractive...BYE!

(All Photos Credit: mykpophuntress)

So what did you think? Is Lee Min Ho better looking in candid shots or professional ones? 

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE