It's airport fashion time! Recently Lee Min Ho flew into Gimpo Airport (Korea) after activities in Japan looking ridiculously awesome in a beige trench and all black! On October 12-13 Lee Min Ho held his RE:MINHO tour in Tokyo, and according to mwave, 10,000 fans attended the event even though there was a typhoon. Talk about love for Min Ho!

Speaking of love, this outfit is so simple yet so awesome! Who wouldn't wear that beige trench?!

(Photo Credit: Newsen)

He's got to be looking at someone crazy right now. His brows are raised in that super surprised look. He probably turned the music he's listening to up higher also. 

(Photo Credit: Newsen)

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Full Frontal! He's got a nice tan going on, doesn't he?

(Photo Credit: Newsen)

That hat is the whole world. That hat is even outshining the big Min Ho right now!

(Photo Credit: StarN)

Fun Fact: Besides the well-known Incheon International Airport, there's also Gimpo International Airport. If you ever visit Korea, try to fly into Gimpo if you can because it's closer to Seoul than Incheon.

What do you think of Lee Min Ho's recent airport fashion? Love it or Hate it?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE