You may not be able to attend Lee Min Ho's RE:MINHO tour, so why not bring his tour to you? Lee Min Ho's huge fan meeting RE:MINHO kicked off over the weekend in Beijing, and I was able to gather a few awesome photos from various Minoz who were lucky enough to attend the event! 

Here we see Lee Min Ho dazzling in his sparkling and spiked blazer.

This would be the sexy leather pants portion of the show.

Dramatic. It must have been one of those heartfelt emotional songs.

I propose LMH wear leather skinny pants all the time! Who's with me?!

Drama Concept: Flower Boy Florist Shop: LMH seriously looks like a crazed florist with those scissors in his hand and flower in his hair.

Flowers, sparkly romantic billowy top, and butterflies. #TurntUp

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Back to my drama I just created, Flower Boy Florist Shop. LMH plays a down-and-out guy who ends up getting a part-time job as a flower delivery guy until one day the owner of the shop catches him arranging flowers for fun. The arrangement is so great that the owner considers him a prodigy of flowers and enters LMH's character in some big flower competition! You would totally watch!

This must have been the Q&A section, and obviously LMH just got asked something strange.

Watch Lee Min Ho in the popular series Heirs:

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He's like: "I can't believe I have to answer this. What would be a good lie that sounds sincere?"


He just had a mental collapse for sure. 

Hey Minoz, have you noticed LMH always seems to have that silver ring on? Do any of you know the reason behind it?

Ugh the lighting was so perfect! The yellows playing beautifully off of his gold sequin blazer! He gets all the hearts for being pretty!

"Emotional Lighting"

(All photo credit belongs to Minoz Peace and Hong)

Which photo was your favorite?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE