Park Hae Jin is sitting pretty in Tokyo...literally! This photo shoot for fashion brand Calvin Klein was shot on location in Tokyo, Japan. The concept for the shoot was outerwear, and these photos will grace the pages of magazines: Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and Arena Homme Plus.

Park Hae Jin looks totally sexy here with his sharp jawline and intense eye gaze, even if he is sitting in a dirty, rusty, decayed looking staircase. Eww, but hot.

Imagination Station: "OoOo oppa wait up! You look sooo good in your Calvins I just have to walk beside you and pretend we're a couple!"

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Uh oh, look at him leaning against that fence like he's ready to take off his grey cashmere gloves and go all Song Ga Yeon on someone! #BoyfriendMaterial

While we're on the subject of being a badass, Park Hae Jin is currently busy depicting one in the cable drama Bad Guys.

Does Park Hae Jin look good in his Calvins to you?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE