Actor Park Ki Woong, who was crazy in Bridal Mask and super, super lovable and cute in Full House Take 2, has been serving his mandatory two years in the military since May. However, photos from his final photo shoot are out and he looks so pretty!

He looks like a flower boy…really he’s wearing floral prints and holding flowers, so he literally looks like a flower boy. Hmm, why is Boyfriends Love Style suddenly playing in my mind?

I just want to point out...SKINSHIP WITH THE FLOWER!!

We must have missed his cameo in The Master's Sun...Hmm.

Summer Style!

He's got good eyebrows right?!

"I'm too cool for summer school"

He's looking really sexy here, regardless of the fact he might be sitting in a dirty bathroom.

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Doesn't he look like Ji Sung oppa here?!

Yup! I saved the best for last. Look at that jaw and body line!

Don't you just miss Park Ki Woong even more now?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE