Actor Choi Daniel has tossed aside his signature specs for a recent photo shoot in CeCi Magazine in which he looks hotter than the sun making the flowers on his shirt grow!

With a very apparent floral theme, Choi Daniel is giving us everything we could ever ask for! Sexy and intense eye gazes, long legs, and of course questionable shirts with huge flowers on them that would never look good on guys in real life, but just work perfectly on him!

See what I mean?! Who's really gonna be like, "Ohh that dude with the gigantic flower on his shirt is soooo hot!" Unless it's Choi Daniel, no one will. No one.

Did you know he was giving all of THAT?! I had no idea, but I am now #TeamWantEverything.

That shirt is actually pretty awesome, but most importantly take in Daniel's sexy eyes without those glasses!

Daniel is like: I dunno if I should put my glasses back on or retire them; I'm hot either way.

How do you prefer Daniel? Are you Team Glasses or Team Contacts?!

Remember, you can catch Choi Daniel and his glasses in the currently airing K-Drama, Big Man.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE