Actor Seo In Guk recently did a photo shoot for the clothing brand Pancoat. The shoot took place on the streets of Bali, and one of the brand's representatives explained the concept, saying, "viewers will be able to get an idea of the celebrity street look through Seo In Guk's photo shoot. He flawlessly pulled off this year's best trend, the black and white street style."

He looks so young here! I feel like I'm looking at a lost BTS (Bangtan Boys) member.

LOL...Literally. It's like I'm having a BTOB Changsub WOW flashback!

This is such a cute look on him! The whole black and white varsity clothing look is actually really popular in Seoul. It's mainly K-pop idols who have been wearing this style, but I saw a lot of this in stores, especially throughout the shops in Hongdae.

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Everything in this photo would have been fine if that bandana didn't exist.

How is it possible to make a cartoon eagle look sexy?

If you would like to make a cartoon eagle look sexy too, you can shop the Pancoat brand here. Which Seo In Guk street look was your favorite? 

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE