Choi Minho, SHINee's "Flaming Charisma," is looking cozy and huggable these days in Carte Blanche's F/W 2014 fashion. These amazing photos were taken in Finland and are now gracing the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine's November issue. Not a SHINee fan? That's alright, you know Minho as Kang Tae Joon in the K-drama To the Beautiful You.

Airport Fashion...literally!

Look at all that skinship with the turtle neck. If only it were you.

I want everything! I want the hat, the bangs/fringe, the coat, the skinny jeans, and those shoes! You can't tell me Minho's entire outfit isn't unisex, because it is! Oh, yeah...his legs look hot.

Watch Minho in the high school romance To the Beautiful You:

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Sorry, but if you're going to sit all stretched out on the sidewalk looking hot like this, then I have no choice but to pretend I don't see you and "trip" into your lap Minho. Perfect K-drama lead guy and girl meeting, don't you think?!

Minho and the rest of SHINee are currently promoting their latest Japanese album in Japan. Who wants to see Minho in another drama?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE