The very talented Son Ho Jun appeared in a series of warm and longing photos in the most recent Vogue Girl. The Answer Me 1994 actor looks handsome but forlorn set against the radiant sunny backdrops.

Son Ho Jun plays the role of Haitai in the show, and in the interview when he was asked if he would have wanted to be the husband of Na Jung he said, "If I were Na Jung’s father, I would want a son-in-law like Chilbongi, who would love my daughter very much and be very attentive to her. I think her living with Chilbongi would be exciting and fun as they complement one another.”

The photo shoot features Ho Jun in solid turtlenecks and a plaid jacket and shows him in some very close and personal poses. Check out the pictures from the intriguing, warm spread.

Close up portrait in a dark orange knit turtleneck pullover.

Looking deep in thought in a checkered coat and a Lacoste turtleneck.