What's better than actor and model Kim Woo Bin in a snug pair of skinny jeans? Kim Woo Bin in a perfectly tailored suit, that's what!

Woo Bin is the latest model for casual clothing brand SIEG, and the role fits him perfectly! Below are photos of him taken from a shoot where he stunned in a suit and work-chic zip up jacket. If you're still breathing by the time you scroll through the photos, there's also hot video of him during one of those shoots!

"No! Don't look at me. I'm too sexy with my pouty lips and intense eye gaze for you to handle!"

Sexy Moment: Woo Bin is touching his lips with his fingers Ooo!

His legs are insane, but besides that, everything about this photo strangely reminds me of BIG BANG member T.O.P!

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You did it! You made it this far without passing out...congrats! Now check out Woo Bin in action during a SIEG photo shoot. You'll see suits and intense sexy gazes at the camera, jumping, smiling, Woo Bin on a bike, and Woo Bin in shorts showing off those sexy legs! Enjoy!

Which part of the video was your favorite?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE