The extremely talented YG boy group Winner has been referred to as "super rookies" ever since their immediately successful debut. The group, which consists of 5 members, recently modeled for Elle Korea's November 2014 issue in a beautiful pictorial. Below are the photos from the shoot!

See Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung make beautiful music together in Tomorrow’s Cantabile

Winner has revealed to be a group that makes music in many different genres, including, but not limited to both hip hop and ballads. With this diverse image, the members of Winner are sure to catch and keep the attention of many. Elle Korea also released a making of video for this shoot with Winner. Through this photo shoot, the five boys prove they could easily be models if they were not idols. Their debut model concept was also completely fitting for the group of tall, slender boys. The boys scream "high fashion," and they are already becoming fashion icons. Below, you can watch the making of video for the Elle Korea November 2014 issue, which is sure to melt your heart.

What do you think of the Winner boys and their music so far? If you want to see more of Winner, you can also watch their debut music video for "Empty" below!