Won Bin has once again proved he’s hotter than the sun with these latest advertisements for the skincare brand Biotherm Homme. Each print ad depicts Won Bin as various blood types in different situations with a pretty female model.

Remember that in Korea you don’t really get asked what astrological sign you are. Instead, it’s more like, “Sup girl what’s your blood type?” With that in mind, Biotherm Homme came up with an ingenious way to promote their line of products by targeting males by blood type.

Here we have Won Bin looking cute and handsome, in total second male lead style, representing the O blood boys. Apparently type O boys are funny and cheerful, enjoy cupcakes, and use Biotherm Homme's Aqua Power line.

Now Won Bin looks like a mischievous cat as his tie is being yanked by the pretty model. With the look of a total playboy, he's representing the A boys. Type A boys are said to be "delicate and thoughtful," and enjoy using the Excell Bright line to achieve and maintain the look of a glowing angel.

Won Bin's jawline and his talent for looking good in the color red is the obvious representation of B blood Boys. These type B boys are "passionate and exciting," know they're sexy, and only use the High Recharge line.

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Giving us his best melodrama stare down, Won Bin is a "logical and cool-headed" AB boy who thinks real hard before using his line of Force Supreme skincare.

Since Biotherm Homme practically forced me to choose which blood type version of Won Bin I like, I've decided that the AB version of him is my style cuz he's hottt with three T's!

Which blood type version of Won Bin do you choose?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE