Yeo Jin Goo's transformation from child actor to man has been well documented, but his November interview and photo shoot in CeCi solidifies the star as a full-grown adult. In the interview, he talks about his work in the film Hwa-yi and in the upcoming Kdrama, "Potato Star." This role will have particular significance because it will be the first time he's played an adult character.

These intriguing shots perfectly capture the Yeo Jin Goo we have all loved since he was a child actor. The clarity of the photos is also incredible; at times it looks like Yeo Jin Goo is coming at us in 3D.

Making it just right in a Calvin Klein turtleneck and mustard pants.

Hey! Thanks for winking at us!

Ok, we're a little scared of your "I'm very grown up now" face.

Fantastic picture in a rider jacket and black pants.

This could be the cover of every magazine and we'd be totally cool with it!