Even though New Year's Eve has passed, it doesn't mean that Yoon Si Yoon isn't ready to party. In the January Allure, the incredibly popular actor posed in totally classy party gear that made him look super suave. Of course, Si Yoon has shown that he has the ability to look good dressed in any way, but the classy suit style really fits him.

In the photo shoot and interview, the The Prime Minister and I actor showed off his recent 15 pound weight loss, and talked about how he wants to be more like his character Kang In Ho. Check out the stylish and classy shoot where Si Yoon sports a tuxedo jacket and makes it rain confetti.

Sporting a great bow tie and tuxedo jacket all while getting drenched in confetti.

Holding his heart in a classic suit and Nike sneakers.

Slick tuxedo jacket and bow tie combine for the perfect look.